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Photography Deals

Webinar - Photography Masterclass - Chris Orwig

Topics covered:

  • How to create better photography without spending thousands of dollars.............................................................................
  • The secret to finding your photography voice.
  • Mentorship on your journey to create beautiful photos with your own unique style.
  • Overcoming a lack of photography artistry.
  • Gear talk.
  • BONUS: 2 additional free gifts for all attendees!

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $413.00 |

Webinar - Photography Masterclass - Joel Grimes

Topics covered in this masterclass 

  • Why do 89% of all students graduating with a college degree in photography, fail to work in their field?
  • How to get photography gigs and make money doing what you love.
  • How to create exquisite photography.
  • The powerful system to save the aspiring photographer years of learning and tens of thousands of dollars in education.
  • How to create a body of work in a series so everyone will know who you are and your photography will get.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $353.00 |

Webinar - Photography Masterclass - Thorsten von Overgaard

In this one-of-a-kind masterclass, you'll learn how to tell a story with your camera, you'll discover how to develop your own unique style, and you'll get tips on using your camera like a pro. The knowledge you gain will give you the confidence and inspiration you need to let out the true artist within you and find success.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $399.00 |

Webinar - Photoshop Secrets Revealed - Nucly

Rikard Rodin provides 3 secrets to transforming your photos into artistic masterpieces.  You are going to love this class!

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $373.00 |

eBook - People Pictures - Chris Orwig

The goal isn’t flattery, but connection and depth. Whether you are a student, busy parent, or seasoned pro photographer, these exercises provide an accessible framework for exploration and growth. With titles like Be Quiet, Turn the Camera Around, and The Fabric of Family, each of the 30 exercises encourages you to have fun and experiment at your own pace.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $57.00 |

Resource Pack - Lightroom Brush Presets Starter Kit - Chris Orwig

These Brush Presets save so much time when editing, meaning you can work harder and be more creative with your images. They will help you fix a multitude of problems, including common issues like a dull sky, flat images, and a lack of 'snap'.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $27.00 |

Course - Behind the Lens - Joel Grimes

During the last 40 years as a commercial photographer, Joel has created some iconic portraits that have been viewed all around the world. Get his expert advice and learn how he created his most notable images using various camera equipment, lighting techniques, locations, and so much more!

Stream or download all video lessons.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $27.00 |

eBook - Ten Steps to Becoming a Successful Photographer - Joel Grimes

Joel shares ten crucial steps to becoming a successful photographer.

Be inspired to live your dream and create an income with a camera.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $27.00 |

eBook - The Moment of Emotional Impact - Thorsten von Overgaard

This book teaches the how and why of creating emotional impact – the reason for taking great pictures. Thorsten shares what inspires him, gives helpful tips, provides insight into what creates emotional impact, and explains how you can capture it in your own photos.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $47.00 |

eBook - A Little Book on Photography - Thorsten von Overgaard

This book contains basic axioms of photography and will feed the soul of any photographer. It's for you if you want a re-invigorated look at your photography, feel stuck in the process of taking photos, or want new tips and techniques for creating works of art.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $47.00 |

Resource Pack & Training - Getting Started with Photoshop - Nucly

Rikard Roden provides expert advice on retouching portraits, replacing backdrops and skies, and more. Unlock your imagination with composites & more. This pack includes an array of assets that you can use for compositing, including light flares, light leaks, clouds, and textures, as well as Camera Raw professional model photographs that you can use to practice compositing and retouching.

In addition to the 40+ high-quality, professional-grade assets included in this pack, you also get more than an hour of professional training!

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $27.00 |

Training - Dragon Tamer Composite Course - Nucly

Learn volumetric light, 3D render integration, frequency separation, color grading. Discover how to add atmosphere, texture, and detail to your images. Plus, much more…

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $47.00 |

Training - Weild Photoshop Like an Artist - Sebastian Michaels

Master layers and blend modes and obtain unparalleled control through layer masks. Create stunning effects with textures and adjustment layers (without making a mess of your work). Learn the fundamentals of pro Photoshop compositing. Plus, 3 additional bonuses! 

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $47.00 |

Training - Photography Composition Quickstart - August Dering

August Dering breaks composition into two parts: structure and design, teaching how and why to apply these concepts and create engaging compositions.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $27.00 |

Resource Pack - Capture One Styles Starter Kit - August Dering

Whether you are just getting started with Capture One or you’ve been using it for years, this pack of Capture One Styles can speed up this process. The five styles in this starter kit are will become your go-to tools for portraits, landscapes, and black & white photography.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $47.00 |

Video Deals

Training - Set Up Your Own Grading Suite - Denver Riddle

This 3-part series will cover how to set up a grading environment, as well as your options for monitoringcalibration, and other equipment.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $199.00 |

Training - Lighting Secrets - Cinema Mastery

Lighting Secrets is a complete crash course for the filmmaker who wants to master lighting quickly and easily. Learn how to see, analyze, and understand light in your scenes. Learn 14 new ways to position your lights to get different effects/moods and so much more!

You Pay: $47.00

Retail Value: $197.00 |

Tool - Cinema Grade Color Grading

Get modern color grading software that was designed to run as a plugin inside of Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro X on the Mac. Cinema Grade makes color grading videos easy and fast by letting you grade directly on the screen, be guided by a natural professional colorist’s workflow and get over 90 built-in Hollywood film looks!

Use code 5DayDeal to save 10%.

You Pay: $62.00

Retail Value: $69.00+ |

Training - CreativeLive Courses

Take your video creation to the next level with professionally-taught courses from CreativeLive!

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $19.00 |

Business Deals

Training - Build a website in just 5 minutes!

You could have your website up and running in just 5 minutes - even if you’ve never made a website before! Building a personal, customized website is easier than you might think. Thanks to user-friendly services and free resources, you can have your website up and running in as little as 5 minutes. We have broken the whole process down for you!

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $150.00 |

Training - Getting Started With Email Marketing

Not sure where to start with email marketing? In this course, we will look at creating and leveraging your Active Campaign account to help you work smarter, not harder!  This program has so much to offer and you'll be amazed at the power it has to change your email marketing with just a few simple clicks. Let's get started!

Use Coupon Code COVID-19 to get 100% off!

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $97.00 |

Business Tool - InVideo Software

Create seamless marketing videos in minutes for use on your website, social media, and more.

Use code 5DayDeal to save 25%.

You Pay: $15.00

Retail Value: $20.00 |

Business Tools - Assortment of Proucts - AppSumo

AppSumo has some of the greatest & geekiest products for entrepreneurs. They work tirelessly to find the most innovative, creative, and practical stuff out there and bring them to you, directly and affordably. They measure success based on yours & try to increase your value of life considerably. Save up to 80% or more!

You Pay: $0.00+

Retail Value: varies|

Training - CreativeLive Courses

Take an array of online classes, learning anything from business and marketing to photography and web development.

You Pay: $0.00

Retail Value: $19.00 |

Business Tool - Briefcase - AppSumo

Grow your business with a bundle of software solutions by AppSumo. Start with the FREE trial, and when you love it, upgrade to the quarterly plan. No code needed to save 96%.

You Pay: $147.00

Retail Value: $3,675.00 |

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