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Discount Submission Form

Thanks so much for your interest in partnering with us.  Each year we are able to generate well into six figures in revenue for us and partners just from our subscriber protected discount page!  10% of all profit made by 5DayDeal is donated to non-profits 😃

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Please note, in order to include your discount offer on our discount page which is promoted monthly to our 100,000+ email subscribers we do ask for the following minimum requirements (why?):

Minimum Discount Required
Digital & Physical Products: 10%

Minimum Commission Required
Digital Product: 40% | Physical Product: 15%

Submit Your Discount Today!

You may need to wait a few seconds after putting in a title for the page to auto-save. The permalink is used as the permanent affiliate and redirect URL so should be short, but also intuitive as to what it is linking to.

Please use 40 characters max to make sure the layout is not broken 🙂

Please use 40 characters max to make sure the layout is not broken 🙂

Please use 270 - 300 characters to make sure the layout is not broken 🙂

Please select relevant categories for discount genre, product type and duration/event. Thanks!


ex. Free, Free Trial, etc. Limited to 25 characters.


Time zone is Pacific Time 🙂

Time zone is Pacific Time 🙂

If needed.

Size Requirement is 800px(W) x 400px(H). Please do not use any overlaying text, just the product(s) featured. Examples can be seen here.

Please make sure logo is 200px in height with width being up to you, but please crop to logo edges. Thanks so much. .svg format is preferred. If you have a non-sag vector (.ai, .eps.) version of your logo, please email it to and we can easily convert it to .svg as needed.

If possible, please put in the affiliate URL 5DayDeal should use for the promotion. If not possible please put in the page you want us to link to and we can go generate that link via your affiliate portal. Thanks 🙂

16 character limit.


e.g. 12.99


Discount Layout Examples

Percentage Discount


Text Discount

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